Posted by noonat on 29 Jul 2011 in games blipzkrieg

blipzkrieg  \blips-kreeg\  — noun

  1. A swift intensive military attack, esp. using lasers, circles, and rapid clicking. Designed to defeat squares quickly.
  2. A fast-paced, arcade strategy game.

New game: Blipzkrieg! Lead your followers to victory against the evil laser panzers, and try not to get zapped by laser towers or gibbed by a missile.

I quit my day job at the end of last year, and joined my friends at GameClay to work on games full time. It’s been a blast, and this is our first original title. The original idea was a reverse tower defense game, but it morphed over time into more of a lightweight tactics arcade game. Expect to see a mobile version of this in the vaguely near future.

You can play it on ArmorGames or peruse screenshots on the official site.

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A tiny elf runs straight at you, shouts "Phuce!", and disappears into the forest.


Phuce is Matt and Nathan.

We also have some sort of Tumblr thing.


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