Legions Weapons

Posted by Matt Ostgard on 25 Feb 2011 in games art

grenadeLauncher_small rocketLauncher_small

Here are some weapons I created for Fallen Empire: Legions, a FPS web browser game.

This game has a pretty rough development history. It was stopped and restarted multiple times with many internal disagreements of what it should be. This final iteration of Legions was developed by a skeleton crew of myself and 4 others with a short deadline of 4 months.

A year after its release, IAC shutdown InstantAction and the game almost went with it. Thankfully, it was saved by some very dedicated community members who managed to get a distribution agreement from IAC. Legions is still alive and kicking, being mantained and developed by the community.

You can now play Legions for free over at LegionsOverdrive.com.

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