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Deathbeam is a game I made over a tumultuous 48-hours for Ludum Dare 14. The theme for the compo was “advancing wall of doom”, and my entry was inspired by Defender and Dino Run.

Download the game: Windows Mac

If you’re interested in the source code, you can get that here. The game was written in Python 2.6 using Pyglet, and I used Tile Studio for the maps.


Image Description
Image Mothership Aliens are attacking. This is the mothership.
Image Deathbeam It’s charring humans left and right with its deathbeam.
How rude.
Image You This is you: Rescue Bot XLD-14Z. You’re the humans’ only hope.
Image Jetpack You can pick up humans and use your jets to carry them off to
safety and wellness.
left & right arrow to move
space to jet
Image Teleport Drop humans at the teleporters to beam them to safety.
Teleporting many at once earns you extra points!
Image Civilian Some humans are worth more than others. This one, however,
is boring. He is worth only 50 points.
Image Scientist This is a scientist. Scientists are worth 250 points.
Image President This is Mr. President. The humans’ leader is worth a whopping
1000 points, robot.
Image Turret Watch out for alien turrets. Your armor protects you, but the humans
aren’t so lucky. Poor guys.
Image Rocket Rescue as many humans as you can and use the rocket booster
to escape to orbit!
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